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The Put This On Dad Ballcap 2022

The Put This On Dad Ballcap 2022

$ 78.00

For years our readers have been asking for a second run of our Put This On dad hats, and we’ve finally got one in the works in three all-new colorways: Pitch (black on black), Star (white on navy) and Lumber (white on forest green).

These caps are handmade by a single human cap maker (her name is Norma), and they feature hand-cut wool flannel bodies and soft leather interior bands, along with leather adjustable sizing straps. Pictured here is my personal cap, now about five years old. (The one that once inspired Giants broadcasters Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper to declare me a “Humm Baby Dad.”)

This is a pre-order!

Norma is making the caps now, and we are hoping to get them out in mid-December. We expect but can’t promise you’ll get your cap by Christmas. 

Quantities are very limited in each colorway, so if you want to guarantee you’ll get a cap, order one. When they’re gone, they’re gone.