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The Put This On Cotton Handkerchief: In Singles or Multipacks

The Put This On Cotton Handkerchief: In Singles or Multipacks

$ 45.00

Fine pieces of cloth- like that pocket square you fluffed up just right this morning- aren't meant to be used for real work. Wiping brows, drying hands, and other dirty jobs are the domain of the handkerchief. Keep one in your trouser's back or jacket's inside pocket for use and abuse.

We found some premium shirting cotton, patterned in styles from textured white to blue gingham, and we used the same atelier for our PTO pocket squares to convert what once was destined to be a high-end dress shirt into the the perfect hanky.

Now: can these handkerchiefs be used in your coat pocket? Of course. This cotton is by world-class mills, and brands like Brioni (really). And you won't find a flat seam on the edges here. The edges are hand-cut and hand-rolled, and they'll look gorgeous peeking out of your favorite sport jacket. We just like to think you might like to mop your brow with the same soft cotton that goes into a $350 shirt.

Each pack includes a variety of colors and patterns - if you have special requests, we can try to accommodate, but we promise only that you won't get any repeats and we'll include a variety of ultra-premium pieces. Each handkerchief measures 16" x 16".

One handkerchief for $45, three for $90, five for $135.